J. E. Richman's
Montana Adventure Series

Western Adventure for Young Adult Readers

America's fixation with celebrities constantly exposes our children to aspects of life that would have made our parents cringe. If you're tired of it, consider the following... Protecting our children is job #1
The Montana Adventure Series of young adult novels represents the culmination of my objective to create a series of good, wholesome stories for young adults, exposing them to the positive role models that I had as a child of the 50's. Though the plot lines and primary characters are fictional, they are placed in accurately depicted historical settings and, occasionally, encounter real characters drawn straight from the history books. (see excerpt page)
Beginning with Montana himself, the "good guys and gals" all extol the virtues of self-reliance and determination that built this country and, sadly, are so lacking in today's popular culture. Enjoy!

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This is the first novel in the series and introduces sixteen year old William Dean Ritter, aka "Montana." Two separate adventures take him from his Montana farm to a Wyoming cattle ranch, Dodge City, Kansas and Texas in his pursuit of the dream to become a cowboy. Along the way something unexpected happens - he becomes a man. The book also introduces Montana's famous horse "Spirit." The characters and plot lines harken back to the best of the western serials of the 40's and 50's, where morality, integrity and self-reliance ruled the day. This 195 page novel is suitable for young readers.

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This second novel in the series follows young "Montana" to 1886 Fort Worth, Texas, where he hires on at a major cattle ranch also known for their Steel Dust race horses, and ultimately saves the ranch from foreclosure. A good deal of the story involves his horse "Spirit" and his participation in the early Texas State Fair races. This 203 page novel is suitable for young readers.

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This third and newest novel in the series takes young Montana back home to help his family battle a corrupt mayor and sheriff who have assumed control of his home town during his three year absence. With the help of his friends, family and famous horse "Spirit", Montana continues to fight for what's right...  and ultimately prevails. This 204 page novel is suitable for young readers.
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